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Attending the SWIFT Development Conference

At CapSci, we have been working with FAA SWIM data for several years. Given our rich history in surveillance and data analysis, the SWIM data is a rich resource of information that is easily accessible.  Access to the SWIM data has provided us interesting areas of research.  This year, our summer intern’s project integrated the SWIM STDDS surveillance feed with an open-source traffic display which is currently on display in our lobby. 

Given our experience and interest in SWIM, our lead software engineer recently attended the FAA SWIFT Developers Workshop hosted by MITRE in McLean, VA. He felt the workshop was very well organized and provided a great overview of the available services and hands on examples of several ways to leverage the data.  He was excited to see some familiar tools in use as well as learned about some new technologies.

“It was great to connect in person with other members of the community and to see some innovative ways that the data is being utilized.  I look forward to attending the next developers workshop.”

As a final note, we want to say a big thanks to the MITRE and FAA SWIFT teams for providing this opportunity regarding FAA SWIM data.