Capital Sciences

Serving the Aviation Community since 2009


Capital Sciences provides engineering services rooted in a rich background of next generation air traffic surveillance and communication technologies for the crewed and uncrewed aviation communities.

Passionate and Creative

Our Story

At Capital Sciences, we are a team that is passionate about finding the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs and advance aviation technology.

Innovative solutions ensuring mission success

Our Services

Our team includes diverse skillsets across systems engineering, software development, data analysis, test, and project management. We leverage our cross-discipline experience to ensure our clients realize results for their mission.

Work Smart, Eat Good Food, Drink Great Coffee

Life At CapSci

We are a team of engineers and software developers who use our creativity and strong technical expertise to implement innovative solutions. Through our positive culture, we help each other grow and solve problems. Outside of work, we enjoy spending time on game nights, finding the best pizza around, and sharing stories about our pets and family.


570 Herndon Pkwy #500, Herndon, VA 20170